Medhus Bio Inc., An emerging CRO in the San Francisco Bay area for Life science Research

Medhus Bio Inc. is an emerging CRO in the SF Bay Area for life science research. We specialize in:

Medhus Bio, Inc. develops cost-effective high throughput and lower throughput primary and secondary assays and provides screening services from lead discovery to lead optimization to meet the increasing demands of the life science industry.

Our extensive assay development expertise allows us to develop and implement multitude of assays to meet your performance standards. We not only understand what questions and why you are asking but also provide you reliable and quality answers in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Why Medhus Bio?

Medhus Bio, Inc. is a CRO for preclinical research located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It develops and offers compound screening/testing services,innovative, high performance assay kits and reagents.

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Our services support from discovery to pre-clinical development including- Assay Design, Assay Development, Assay Validation, Protocol development, Sample testing etc.

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Medhus Bio manufactures and sells assay reagents and kits. such as ELISA kits, Biochemical Reagent kits, Cytokines, Proteins etc.

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