Medhus Bio Inc., An emerging CRO in the San Francisco Bay area for Life science Research

Medhus Bio, Inc. develops cost-effective high throughput and lower throughput primary and secondary assays and provides screening services from lead discovery to lead optimization to meet the increasing demands of the life science industry.

Tell us the Assays you want, we will develop them, run them, and give you reliable, quality data.

Our extensive assay development expertise allows us to develop and implement multitude of assays to meet your performance standards. We not only understand what questions and why you are asking but also provide you reliable and quality answers in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Why Medhus Bio?

We have over 30 years of experience working in start-up to big pharma and understand not only various aspects of drug discovery and preclinical development, but also constrains of time and money. In addition, we have well established laboratory and trained staff to meet your needs. Whether you want to test an idea, run a one-off screen, sets of screens or outsource routine work, we will work with you to find that vision and help you to make it a reality. No job is too small for us. Being located in the San Francisco Bay Area Medhus Bio is an attractive option for well established and emerging bio-tech companies as well as big pharma who is looking for a dependable and seem-less partner. With our experience and expertise, we not only understand your needs well, but also know the importance of reliable and quality data, which we promise to provide you in a consistent and timely manner.